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Cars of Macon
Custom Car Fabrication and Car Audio
Specialist since 1977
David Hawkins grew up tinkering around in the back of Hawkins Electronics (and early version of today's Best Buy) back in the 60's and 70's. His father taught him the names of electronic components, and how they worked. This was pretty exciting stuff for a 6 year old kid, David would talk to the technicians in the repair shop, learn simple circuits, and put things together for himself. David invented rechargable batteries at the age of 6 too....almost anyway, one day his D Cell battery went dead and he needed it for a project. David hooked a 110V test plug to his D Cell battery (secured by electrical tape) and plugged it in, just a few components were missing...OOOPS ! This made a big bang and the lights went off in the repair shop, David's dad explained why you don't mix AC with DC. David grew up helping his father work on the family cars, as well as reconditioning used cars bought from the local auction, and resold. By the time David was 14 years old he already had an after school and weekend job at a local body shop, and was customizing and painting vehicles by 16 years old. David took 3 years of automotive classes at Houston Vocational School through high school, and had a job waiting after graduation in 1980. David's whole life has revolved around custom cars and electronics, put that experience to work for you !
THEN....................AND NOW
Brian Gokey (left) and David Hawkins (right) at AutoSound car audio shop in 1987. This is a scan of a "Poloroid Picture" just in case you were wondering????
David Hawkins (left) and Luke Kessinger (right) working on a 32 Ford Coupe 9" rear triangulated 4 link suspension 2007.
Here's the AutoSound Gang on stage at the "AutoSound Challenge" in Warner Robins Georgia back in 1990. Copyright 2000 - 2011 All Rights Reserved